With our exciting range of value-added
organic coconut & Fruit products

What We Do

We don’t play around with food, nature got it right the first time and we love celebrating that! All our products come from sustainable sourcing and processors, guaranteeing freshness, longer shelf time, and high nutritional value all the way.

We are unapologetically organic with our entire product range giving you the best of nature in all its glory. We keep ourselves busy grinding, blending, fermenting, and drying our nutty friend to give you coconut goodness all the way, with our organic virgin coconut oils, coconut flour, and king coconut water. We also enjoy delivering delicious fruit packed with real flavor and high nutritional energy, giving you nothing but fruit!

Our range includes a variety of fruit chunks in pineapple juice, young jack in brine, banana blossom, and an exciting range of dried fruits that make snacking a whole lot healthy!

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