Sustainable Practices

We have registered over 4,000 acres of organic coconut estates as suppliers to our factory. The Coconut Triangle is composed of several small villages that have vast lands dedicated to the farming and production of coconuts. The communities of many of these villages have been growing coconuts as a livelihood for many years and, over the years, have struggled to keep up with the growing pace of the industry.

This is where we come in. We want to see our community grow, as we grow. We work directly with our farmers to ensure that no harmful practices are incorporated in the farming process, in order to harvest fresh, organic coconuts. In return, our farmers receive important training in important skills and earn fair wages for their supply.

Empowering the Community

We currently employ more than 100 staff members at our factory. From cleaning to cold pressing to packaging, our staff has been trained to adhere to the highest standards of production and pay attention to the smallest details. Many of our staff belong to the communities that reside in the villages around our factory.


We practice ecological systems to safeguard the environment. Using natural energy for the production lines helps lowering the CARBON FOOTPRINT” as we use modern boilers with a high proficiency maintenance system to reduce air pollution.
A water treatment process unit, properly planed waste water treatment unit helps us to dispose the ‘unclean’ water and we use treated water using for farming.
We direct our farmers for eco-friendly farming; avoid using of harmful fertilizers that directly damages the natural water supply and the soils.


We are committed to maintaining a superior product quality by developing quality standards with our qualified and dedicated staff.
Our products have been certified with BRC Food (British Retail Consortium), KOSHER, ISO 22000:2005 and carries Organic certification of EU, USDA and JAS.
With the assistance of internal laboratory facilities and modern machinery, we do most of our testing in-house. This is to assure that our product meets buyers expected quality parameters. Further, periodical tests are being done with independent international laboratories of SGS, ITS and Bureau Veritas to assure the quality.